Cauldron, Daily Bread Edition

Limited edition of 2: Twelve flat breads made from rice flour, each bearing 1 word from the third sentence in the Lord's Prayer: "Give", "Us", "This", "Day", "Our", "Daily", "Bread", "And", "Forgive", "Us", "Our", "Trespasses". Text in script font is formed by hand-pierced pin-points in each flat bread, in the bakery tradition of branding in flat biscuits. Custom packaging exterior is covered with silk screened wall-paper from the "And forgive our trespasses" section of the installation "Cauldron," featuring potato prints with the text "I EAT POTATO YOU EAT POTAHTO." Package interior lined with red silk screened wall paper from the "Give us this day our daily bread" section of the installation. Archival translucent vellum inter-liner, package lid includes installation kit with directions. Additional editions available by commission.