Wellspring is a community-engaged public art project at the Seattle International District Library. It features the teacup as a symbol of sustenance and hospitality to unite a community with internal cultural schisms. The project uses 200+ community-donated teacups in different art elements deployed throughout the library, to create a layered experience as visitors move through the space. A large teacup wall sculpture establishes an overall iconic imagery; an interior window casework shows "story teacups" with related community narratives etched in different languages on the glass, to impart the personal amidst the symbolic; and single teacups float in internally-lit resin "tomes" placed in the stacks, to create a sense of whimsy and discovery for library patrons and further imbed meaning into different library spaces.

Teacups, wood, MDF, etched glass, resin, LED. Commissioned by the Seattle Arts Commission. The International District/Chinatown Branch Library, Seattle, WA