Civic engagement is imbedded in Rene Yung's public projects. Through a process of in-depth research, relationship-building, and multi-level design, she integrates community and site to create immersive architectural environments that engage the public in the shared meaning of place.

Yung takes a comprehensive, systems approach to her public projects, and implements them with a unique blend of strategic planning and poetic sensibility. She develops innovative, culturally-relevant forms designed for specific project contexts, and traverses artistic disciplines and institutional sectors to build social and civic capital in communities.

Projects range in scale from hyperlocal cultural narratives and public art, to multi-site transcultural heritage reclamation. Yung works with diverse, cross-cultural communities including youth, elders, and intergenerational populations.

Yung's public works speak from the complex realities of communities in the changing social landscape today, making their stories palpable and understandable through clear unifying forms that connect the civic and the individual, the visual and the experiential, time and place.

"My work is a continual effort to connect the aesthetic, the social, and the political,
rooted in the exigency of the lived day-to-day."